Fleet Management Software

Fleet management system is specifically designed for DMC companies to help fleet managers work with the most efficiency. It is essential for the organizations to improve productivity and minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment.

Our Android-based GSM-enabled Fleet Management Software feature efficiently manages fleet businesses irrespective of their sizes. It enables real-time tracking of fleet & drivers, improved efficiency & security with reduced costs.


Fleet Management Dashboard

Real-time tracking of your vehicles, drivers, and assignments.

Fleet Tracking
Real-time GSM Tracking

Monitoring current location of vehicles and status of the fleet.

Fleet Vehicle Management
Vehicle Management

Manage all the vehicles from your fleet & group them together on different criteria.

Fleet Renewal Reminders
Renewal Reminders

Schedule, track, and manage service renewal tasks, and keep the vehicles service timely.

Fleet Management Contacts
Manage Contacts

Store & manage details of each stakeholder in your fleet.

Fleet Analytics Reports
Analytical Reports

Generate reports about your fleet dat a with real-time analysis.

Fleet Driver Performance
Driver Performance

Monitor driver performance by keeping an eye on the routes taken by him.

Fleet Inspections

Generating vehicle inspection reports and managing inspection-related tasks.

Fleet Fuel Management
Fuel Management

Identifying the high fuel consuming vehicles, optimizing their performance.

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