MICE Solutions

MICE solutions are driven by the latest technology & allows complete on-site management of meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. MICE software is far more beyond the tour services – with all-in-one professional services meant for planning and implementation of outdoor, indoor and evening events.

Our tailor-made solutions are also designed for corporate tour booking, sightseeing, gala-driven events, product launches and sporting events. The MICE software expands at diverse verticals ranging from increasing your client’s satisfaction, rewarding their loyalty and driving your company’s sales.

MICE App for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions


To Take Complete Control of Incentives and Meetings

To enable customers with the convenient and time-saving approach, we have introduced MICE app feature that simplifies the entire process of travel booking. The travellers who have completed the registration process of any event will be provided with a download link of the app.

Benefits to Count:


An intuitive & easy-to-use app which can be easily downloaded by the registered users.

Eliminate effort

MICE app reduces the manual efforts up to 90% and in turn minimizes the chances of human errors.

Push notifications

Notifications to guests for updates like boarding time & sightseeing in advance.

SOS Emergency

Guest can notify their real-time location to their respective tour guide and group members.


The app feature cut the overall cost by minimizing expenses like printing, which can be utilized by businesses for branding purposes.


It is no longer required to keep the heap of excel data files as App is influencing the digital world.

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