Flight Booking Software: A One-Stop Solution to Airline Booking System

The Flight Booking Engine is an easy-to-use, comprehensive airline booking system designed to provide a one-stop solution for air travel bookings. The Flight Booking Engine of Travel Cloud Suite automates your airline booking process thereby increasing revenue. It is designed for online travel agencies to provide ease of booking to their customers, where customers can search and book flight tickets in real-time.

Travel Cloud Suite flight booking solution displays airline availability and rates for multiple GDS and content sources against user search. This integrated Airline Reservation System brings competitive advantages to your business by connecting to the large collection of flights data. Our system offers a wide range of features, including flight search, fare comparison, payment processing, ticketing, and more. The Flight Booking Engine also provides a range of filters to help customers find the best deals on airfare, make informed decisions about their travel plans, and manage their bookings. With a range of user-friendly features, the Flight Booking Engine is the perfect choice for travel agents looking for hassle-free, robust and easy to use online booking engine.

Interface of Flight Booking Engine

Our Flight Booking Software Consist of Unique Key Features:

  • Multiple GDS and direct airlines integration
  • Full | Partial Refund
  • Book waitlisted tickets
  • Amendment before issue and after issue
  • Reissue | Revalidation
  • Split PNR | Import PNR | Sync PNR
  • Re-pricing
  • Void | Partial void
  • BSP reconciliation (ADM/ACM reporting)
  • PCC/Office ids mapped with various IATAs
  • Define complex pricing rules to calculate commissions.
  • Set parameters to boost specific airline sales to achieve PLB.
Flight Booking Software Key Feature

Our flight booking software module help you

Booking Process

Search and Filters

Promotions and Discounts

Increase productivity

Payment Integration

Cancellation and Modification

Who can use Flight Booking Engine

Flight booking software can be used by any individual or organization that needs to book flight tickets, such as travel agents, tour operators, corporate travel departments, B2B agents, B2C clients etc.

Travel Agent

Tour Operator

Destination Management

Online Travel Agency

B2B Travel Industry

B2C Travel Industry

Why Airline Booking Engine is Required for Travel Agency

In today’s digital time, travel agencies need efficient and reliable tools to stay competitive and meet the ever-increasing demands of their customers. An airline booking engine is an important tool for travel agencies as it allows them to book flights quickly and easily for their customers. The Airline Booking Engine has transformed the way travel agencies operate by automating the flight booking process. It provides a centralized system to manage flight bookings, reducing the time and effort required to manually input customer details into multiple airlines booking systems. The booking engine also enables travel agents to access real-time pricing and availability, compare different offers, and quickly book flights for their customers. our flight booking engine helps travel agents to provide faster and more efficient service to their customers, improving customer satisfaction and allowing them to increase their revenue.

How Does Flight Booking Engine Work

In today's world, travel has become an integral part of our lives, the technology behind flight booking engines plays an important role in simplifying the process of finding and booking flights. Flight booking engines are software programs that allow customers to search and book flights online. Travel Cloud Suite flight booking engine is integrated with airline systems with use of user-friendly interfaces that allow customers to search for flights by various criteria such as destination, departure date, number of passengers, and class of service.

When a customer searches for a flight, the booking engine searches through multiple airlines and available flights to find the best prices and routes. It then displays the results in a convenient list format, allowing customers to compare flights and select the one that best meets their needs.

Once a customer has selected their desired flight, the booking engine will then take them to the payment page. Here they can make payment via payment gateway and then confirm the booking. Once the payment is processed, the customer will receive a confirmation email with their flight details.

Benefits of Flight Booking Engine

Travel by air is becoming increasingly popular, and with the rise of technology, it is now easier than ever to book your flights online. Platforms like Travel Cloud Suite flight booking engine for travel agents provide a variety of benefits to travellers, from convenience and cost savings to more accurate information. A Flight Booking Engine (FBE) offers several benefits for both customers and travel businesses. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Time-saving Convenience
  • Wide Range of Choices
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Real-time Updates
  • Seamless Booking Process
  • Access to Travel Extras
  • 24/7 Availability

Why Choose our Flight Booking Software

TI Infotech offers a flight booking engine software certified for GDS and Airline APIs. Our user-friendly software empowers both B2B and B2C travel businesses with advanced features like multiple GDS and direct airline integrations.

We provide a customized airline management software system for the global travel at an affordable price. Our advanced flight booking engine delivers easy navigation, fast result rendering on browsers, and accurate booking information for travel agents and tour operators. Our airline booking system is highly beneficial for travel businesses and travel agencies.

We are leading technology company from India, providing software solutions to the travel and tourism industry. Our software helps travel organizations sell real-time airline inventory.

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